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Rock Villages of the Riviera


The hinterland of Far Western Liguria has attracted foreign visitors for more than one hundred years , particularly the British, who fell in  love with, wrote about and studied this land steeped in beauty and romance, which became in time a hymn to the discovery of the Riviera of Flowers and its hilltop villages. One famous example was the amateur botanist Clarence Bicknell, who wrote a volume on the local diversity of flowers and who now has his own museum in Bordighera. Another less well known author, but who also based himself Bordighera, was the architect William Scott, whose beautiful volume illustrated by his original drawings and published in 1898, was titled 'Rock Villages of the Riviera '. His explorations took him up the mule tracks from Bordighera, where he encountered village after village, eventually ending up in Apricale and finally Bajardo. He seemed to particuarly enjoy his visits to Apricale, about which he wrote ‘among all our Rock Villages, Apricale is the most picturesque, the most interesting in its history and records, as well as in other respects the most pleasing and attractive object of an excursion today’. At least some things do not change!


Rock Villages